At Peak 15 Property Services, customer feedback is very crucial to reflect and meet our core values.

  • To treat all our customers equally, respectfully and with dignity.
  • To be honest, open, transparent and build long-term relationships based on trust.
  • To be committed to the principle of continuing to improve in the service we deliver.
  • To pursue excellence in all that we do and to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Please read some of the recent feedback from our customers for the building maintenance works.

Peak 15 Property Services always carry their work out to the highest standard but, for me, what sets them apart is how they interact with our service users. They never forget that they are working in their home and that the service users are their customers. They treat each and every one of them with consideration and respect, minimising anxiety and building trust.

Dudley Burrell

Positive Support Manager

Peak 15 Property Services redesigned and refitted one of the kitchens in one of our residential services to enable the residents safer access into the kitchen area. The manager liaised with the service manager to facilitate a method statement which minimised any unforeseen risks. The plan was flexible to allow for the residents regular activities to continue without disruption which included a set work starting and finishing time for the APL team. As the team have a good understanding of the needs of vulnerable people we were assured of a needs-led and respectful service delivered by the team.

Michelle Boxall

Support Services Director (LD)

Peak 15 Property Services are efficient, professional and quick to respond to any request . Their staff have a wide variety of skills and no job is too small or big for them – they have planned and carried out major house refurbishments for us, e.g: a kitchen, a bathroom and drainage on the car park, but have also been very helpful when we have required customised services – like making solid, non-slippery steps with a banister for the garden trampoline or raising the legs of some furniture. They also have a good understanding of the various needs of the people in the care home and are always cheerful and respectful towards them and work flexibly around their routines.

Rosi Kodinova

Service Manager - Mill Green House

Peak 15 Property Services were hired to completely refurbish and transform a property to be opened as a supported living service. The team showed a real passion for making sure everything was perfect for the people moving in. The team have remarkable skills, but also a genuine understanding of how important the needs and environments are to the people we support. Their understanding and ability to put the service users first was outstanding and far beyond what you would expect from people whose profession is not in the social care sector. They worked tirelessly to make sure the project was completed on time and I am exceptionally pleased with the finished service.

Alexis Ali

Group Service Manager


  • Listening – First steps to building a relationship is to believe in listening before telling.
  • Health & Safety – Is our top priority, when working in our customer premise.
  • Quality Craftsmanship – We strive to make excellence our standard.
  • Certified Workforce – Fully accredited, experienced, competent and DBS checked.
  • Competitive Rates – Flexibility to choose hourly, daily, tariffs or estimates based rates.
  • Industry experience – Over two decades of industry experience.